Trends to Consider Before your Cabinet Painting Job in Kansas City


Trends to Consider Before your Cabinet Painting Job in Kansas City

The interior space for your kitchen is perhaps the most frequented space inside your home. Not only do the family members from your home frequent this space, but guests also see no shame in roaming around your kitchen space. Knowing the attention that this space gets, it is only recommended for you to give it the due attention that it desires. You should make sure that the kitchen space is well designed and that everything including the cabinets is well maintained.

Talking about cabinets, you should put special emphasis on the kitchen cabinets when looking for trends on kitchen interior design. The interior design trends for kitchens have changed a lot, and we now have multiple varieties that everyone wants to follow. You should know that the best design trend inside the kitchen depends on your preferences and what gives you maximum feasibility. What gives the world satisfaction, might not work well for you, which is why we mention kitchen cabinet paint designs to consider before your kitchen cabinet painting in Kansas City.

Kitchen cabinets tend to live a finite period, after which they should either be repaired or replaced, based on the damages they have received. You need to assess your kitchen cabinets after every short while to make sure that the cabinet paint and the material inside is properly maintained. If the material inside isn’t properly maintained, you should make sure that you take proper evasive measures to get them checked.

If you feel that the cabinets are good, and you just want cabinet painters in Kansas City to come and paint them, then you would want to go through the trends we mention over here. These cabinet painting trends have caught up with the rest of the world, and it is time for your kitchen to look elegant as well.

New Neutral Color

Neutral colors do not appeal to all kinds of people. But, they are much loved to the specific gentry that they do appeal to. The thing about neutral colors is that they can easily complement the space around your kitchen to spice it up and enhance it for future use.

Traditional neutral colors such as eggshell, beige and white have been around for quite some time now, but we find them to be a bit boring considering just how common they have become. Chances are that your previous cabinets must also have one of these colors to them. If they did, then you would want to go for newer, more contemporary options.

If you wish to do something more innovative with your kitchen cabinets, then you can go towards painting in some of the other neutrals. Contemporary neutrals happen to be extremely vibrant, which is why they would light up your kitchen and give it the radiance that you want inside.

Grey is one of the most popular neutrals being used on kitchen cabinets. The thing about grey is that you have plenty of variety to choose from. You can either go for a dark grey combination, or can go for something light. Regardless of whichever form of grey you opt for, you will enjoy the impact this color can have on your kitchen.

If you want to go for contemporary neutrals other than grey, then your best bet lies in olive green or maybe a light shade of blue.

Distressed Paint

Distressing the finishing for your cabinets is surely one of the most popular interior design trends currently. This design trend has caught up with many homeowners who spice up their interior space by antiquing the exterior surface of their cabinets.

The exterior surface of your kitchen cabinets can be meddled with well to get you the kind of results you want from the interior décor inside your home’s kitchen. You can further enhance the results of the distressing procedure, by adding a blue or red colored glaze to the surface. This will make the cabinets look exquisite in color to all guests.


Two Tone Colors

Gone are the days when homeowners wanted a monotonous look on their cabinets. Homeowners are currently okay with two toned cabinetries as well, and are enjoying the design statement that these cabinets give.

Two toned cabinets have really little room for error. You can slightly err with any of the two colors, and you will see the entire interior décor of your kitchen going to waste. Additionally, two tone cabinetries also happen to look a bit over the top if both the colors you choose are excessively dark. You should make sure that the colors are slightly on the lighter side and complement each other rather well.

The most in demand option for homeowners here is to paint one of the cabinets inside the kitchen a separate color, while the other cabinets can be painted one consistent color. For instance, the cabinet positioned on top of your stove can be painted red, while the other cabinets can be left in a neutral shade.

The two-tone style adds a lot of personality to your kitchen, so make sure that you choose well and do not make any mistakes in your choice.

Bright and Bold

If you really want to use your kitchen cabinets for making a statement inside the kitchen, then you ought to go bright and bold. Color varieties that are bright and bold happen to get the best results for you. Additionally, these color varieties help you in positioning your cabinets as the show stopper inside your kitchen. You can very well position your cabinets as a showstopper inside the kitchen. All you need is some colors.

A yellow accent wouldn’t just look fancy on the cabinets, but will also help accentuate the overall décor of your kitchen. You can use bright colors to enhance the appeal of your kitchen space and to make sure that everyone who walks in is left shell shocked at the sight of such brilliantly maintained cabinets. Consider the kitchen cabinets as something more than just a storage space, and you will be good to proceed forward.

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